Owning my Story

Hustling is hard. Owning your story is POWER, and it is humbling. Once I received help for my addiction to pain meds, I was able to start healing through extensive therapy and attending a 12-step program a few times a week.

Shame paralyzed me for years and made me feel alone. I have learned that I am not alone, and recovery is possible, and it works. I celebrated my 3-year birthday of being clean and sober in February of 2021. The physical pain that had me dependent on pain medication no longer exists. It is utterly amazing how our brains run our bodies. Our brains want to protect us. When I was able to free myself through therapy and EMDR therapy and heal past trauma, I was able to take my power back.

We all have a story, a powerful one. Walk proud and own your story. You are beautiful! I am here for you if you want to talk. Just send me a message.  You are not alone.