Start Small, Dream Big!

I started selling the 5 Second Rule Bracelets at a vendor show in September of 2019. I started with 30 bracelets. I was selling handmade earrings and necklaces before my bracelets.

To my surprise the 30 5 Second Rule Bracelets sold out and people loved them!

I decided to make more bracelets for my next vendor show. In just a few short months I had over 400 5 Second Rule Bracelets for the Pride of Dakota show in December of 2019.

2020 was anticipated to be a great year with spring shows as I started my business in late September of 2019.

As we all know spring of 2020 we were all quarantined and all the spring shows were cancelled.

I was able to do a handful of shows in fall of 2020. I ended 2020 at the Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcase. I had 1,000 5 Second Rule Bracelets ready to go.

Now it’s 2021 and I am dreaming bigger! I am absolutely loving the journey I am on. With God all things are possible. (Matthew 19:23-30)