Blessed Charm Bracelet

Blessed Charm Bracelet

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Blessed Charm 5 Second Rule Bracelet 

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This bracelet is made with Pink Zebra Jasper Stones.

Pink Zebra Jasper helps with Stress-Anxiety-Relaxation-Contentment.

Choose your gemstone:

Lava Stone is a significant gemstone for Change-Strength-Communication-Creativity

Rose Quartz is a significant gemstone for Harmony-Love-Forgiveness-Self-Esteem-Youth- Universal Love

Amethyst is a significant gemstone for Inspiration-Emotion-Addiction-Anxiety.

Druzy is a significant gemstone for Boosting Creativity-Imagination-Mental Disorders-Finding your Inner Light.

Please keep in mind that your bracelet is made from natural materials so it may vary slightly from the picture. It is unique just like you! The best way to put on your bracelet is to simply roll it onto your wrist. Please keep your charm away from lotion and perfumes.

Read about the gemstones on the Gemstone Meanings tab to learn more about the healing gemstones in this bracelet.

The Pink Zebra Jasper stones are a size 8mm.
The Middle Stone such as Lava Stone, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Druzy, and Aura Stones are size 10mm.