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I am beyond exciting to be collaborating with TMack with Isagenix to bring you our one of a kind Team Arrow 5 Second Rule Bracelets.

The "Team Arrow" 5 Second Rule Bracelets and the "Gratitude" Companion 5 Second Rule Bracelets are available for Isagenix representatives to purchase that are in Team Arrow.

These beautiful 5 Second Rule bracelets are a mindfulness bracelet.

When you have your team name and affirmation word charm to look at throughout the day it will give you an extra reminder of why you are doing what you love.

These bracelets make great gifts for your teammates to celebrate achievements, leadership, and rank advancement to name a few ways to celebrate them.

The Team Arrow beads are 8mm and 10mm and the

Companion Gratitude beads are 6mm and 8mm.

These bracelets are beautiful.  Take advantage of the healing properties of the gemstones by purchasing the two bracelets as a set.  

Click here to learn about the different gemstones.

If you are or know another Isagenix Executive who would like their team name and affirmation word for your team please contact me.

Show your off team spirit with the Isagenix Team Arrow and Gratitude 5 Second Rule Bracelet Set.

The set includes:
Team Arrow Bracelet
Gratitude Bracelet
Your choice of gemstones.
Lava Stone
Rose Quartz

The Companion "Gratitude" 5 Second Rule Bracelet is not available in the Druzy gemstone.

Select the Team Arrow and Gratitude gemstone bracelets you would like.  You can mix and match.  

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