The Lanyard | 5 Second Rule Bracelet

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Pink Zebra Jasper

Step into a world where functionality meets mindfulness with our revolutionary Lanyard | 5 Second Rule Bracelet. This isn't your ordinary lanyard; it's a versatile accessory designed to elevate your daily routine and enhance your state of mind. Crafted to effortlessly secure your name badge or keys, this lanyard is a must-have for professionals and travelers alike.

Experience the power of Pink Zebra Jasper gemstone beads, chosen for their soothing energy and stunning aesthetics. Paired with a sleek sterling silver chain, this lanyard transcends traditional designs, exuding elegance while serving a purpose.

The innovation doesn't stop there. Unlock the potential of our 5 Second Rule Bracelet, a tool renowned for relaxation, contentment, focus, and success. Now incorporated into this gemstone lanyard, you can carry the benefits with you wherever you go, seamlessly integrating mindfulness into your busy day.

Calling all educators, this is tailored for you!  This gemstone lanyard is ideal for securing your name badge while making a statement. But it's more than aesthetics – it's a mindfulness tool for children too. Guide them in refocusing through the tactile experience of counting down the beads: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and breathe. A simple yet effective technique.

The Lanyard slips effortlessly over your head, its 34-inch length designed as a universal fit. However, we can make a customized size just for you!  Reach out if you require a tailored size. With a sturdy lobster claw and circle ring, you can attach keys, ID badges, or anything essential. Crafted from stainless steel, durability is guaranteed; tarnishing and rusting are worries of the past.

Searching for the perfect gift? Look no further. Our Lanyard is a thoughtful gesture, reminding your loved ones of the power of the 5 Second Rule. Embrace serenity, enhance focus, and redefine your daily routine. It's time to seize the moment – add the Lanyard | 5 Second Rule Bracelet to your cart today!

What makes the 5 Second Rule Gemstone Lanyard So Unique?

Every 5 Second Rule Bracelet is made up with a pattern of 5 Pink Zebra Jasper beads with the spacer bead being an iridescent Aura gemstone.

Each Pink Zebra Jasper bead represents a second.

Any time you catch yourself saying something negative or vulnerable to yourself, simple touch each of the Pink Zebra Jasper beads and count backwards, 5,4,3,2,1 breathe in deeply when you touch the illuminating aura gemstone and release, change a negative thought then repeat your positive mantra to yourself until you feel it’s a belief within your heart.

Get ready to embrace your inner strength within.

Top 5 Reasons to Wear Pink Zebra Jasper

1. A major source to boost energy.

2. Is known to stimulate creativity.

3. Promotes positivity.

4. Encourages you to go after your dreams.

5. Brings you contentment and joy.

Pink Zebra Jasper Gemstone

  • grounding and protective stone.
  • helps reduce stress and anxiety.
  • calming effect.
  • brings balance into your life.
  • encourages you to go after your dreams.

Pink Zebra Jasper gemstone has been helping me slow down and stay focused in times of chaos. Since wearing this gemstone I
feel I have more balance in my life. I am going after my dreams and living my best life. It has been helpful for myself when I am feeling stressed or anxious about life and daily tasks.

With the negativity we can encounter in our daily lives, it's important to have a reminder that we are strong and beautiful. Pink Zebra Jasper is a must have gemstone for your self-care collection.

You don’t need to be a crystal expert to pick a gemstone that best fits you.

We have made it easy for you by choosing the best ones to compliment your unique personality and your healing path. These are the ones that we can recommend for your health. Empower yourself with the healing stones and using them daily to stay balanced, centered and infused with positive energy.

The 5 Gemstones to choose from:

  1. Amethyst: Relieves stress and strain.
  2. Rose Quartz: Encourages unconditional love.
  3. Lava Stone: Supports in overcoming challenging situations in life.
  4. Druzy: Encourages you to relax.
  5. Turquoise 

By wearing this 5 Second Rule Gemstone Bracelet you can break bad habits, conquer stress, and gain the confidence to go after your dreams.

It helps you overcome any negative beliefs, limiting thoughts, and/or bad habits formed by self-doubt.

The Pink Zebra Jasper gemstone is the focal point of this beautiful bracelet, and just touching it will activate the Second Rule Gemstone Bracelet power.

Effortlessly mix and match our The Lanyard | 5 Second Rule Bracelet with other 5 Second Rule Gemstone Bracelets or wear alone.

It has a simple stretch elastic, making it easy to roll on and roll off - without any fuss.

5 things you will find in your order.

1. Your order is wrapped in scented purple tissue paper.

2. Your 5 Second Rule Bracelet is in a stylish fabric reusable jewelry bag.

3. Descriptive card telling you how to use the 5 Second Rule Gemstone Bracelet. 

4. Cards telling you about the benefits of the Pink Zebra Jasper and gemstones.

5. A handwritten note of gratitude from Pam Emmil, the designer.

Learn more about the gemstone meanings and all about the 5 Second Rule Bracelets. Go to: Gemstone Meanings and Bracelet Description