Your Summer Duo: Pink Zebra Jasper & Turquoise

Experience a sense of calm and grounding, during the busy summer months.


Mandan 4th Of July Art in the Park  July 3rd & 4th  Location: Under the Awning at Signuture Events

Wishek Tri-County Fair  July 12th and 13th  Wishek ND

ND State Fair  July 19th-27th  Commercial Bldg. 3  11 am to 10 pm  Minot ND

Ignite change in just 5 seconds

We believe in the transformative power of just 5 seconds. Inspired by founder Pam Emmils' recovery journey from opioid addiction, we are the creators of the life-changing 5 Second Rule Bracelet and empowering clothes that can change lives in just 5 seconds. Join us in embracing the power of 5 seconds to unlock a life full of joy, purpose, and love, and together, let's transform lives, one second at a time.

Empowering Transformation

Creator of the original groundbreaking 5-Second Rule Bracelets, designed as a tool to enhance self-empowerment through the touch of grounding gemstones.

With our authentic gemstone bracelets, you can tap into your true confidence, ignite your success, and uncover your deepest desires.

The bracelet is a symbol of transformation, enabling you to practice coping techniques and reconnect with your authentic self.

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Clothing that Speaks

Our impact doesn't stop at jewelery. We've expanded our vision to include life-changing clothes adorned with messages of love, hope, and self-worth.

We hope by simply reading our empowering messages on our clothes, those around us are reminded of their value and experience a profound shift in their lives in just 5 seconds.

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5-4-3-2-1. Pam Emmil didn’t count on a pain medication prescription plummeting her into addiction. But those five numbers, just 5 seconds at a time, helped her count steps back to sobriety and to a thriving, therapeutic business.

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