Black Labradorite Cedar Wood Bracelets

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The Black Labradorite & Cedar Wood 5 Second Rule Bracelet has been handmade from the finest materials and care and designed to last. This bracelet is a light mix of soft neutral colors of, gray, black, and tan.

The Black Labradorite & Cedar Wood 5 Second Rule Bracelet is perfect for everyday wear. This bracelet can be worn every day, or when you need a little something to bring out the best in you. This bracelet is durable enough to last throughout years of daily use.

This Black Labradorite & Cedar Wood 5 Second Rule Bracelet is a great gift for yourself or someone you love. The combination of cedar wood and black labradorite is sure to be a conversation piece, perfect for any occasion!

The Power of the Gemstones 

Black Labradorite

Black Labradorite is one of the best gemstones for intuition and insight, it increases wisdom and perception. Black labradorite has a deep connection with the sun and makes you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. It encourages creative thinking and promotes individuality, helping you to be an individualist who is authentic in your own way. It increases wisdom, encouraging you to embrace change fearlessly as it brings about new experiences and opportunities for growth.

Black Labradorite is great for clearing away blockages that are preventing you from achieving your goals and fulfilling your life purpose. It is also perfect for helping you break away from unhealthy habits and toxic people who feed off negative energy and hold you back from being the best person you can be.

Black Labradorite has a calming, soothing effect and can bring great deep positive emotions to whoever wears it. It will shift your mood, by helping you become calmer and more focused throughout the day. Black Labradorite is also used for protection against negative energy, which makes this stone ideal for travelers or people who spend extended periods of time in enclosed spaces (such as the home or office).

Cedar Wood

Cedar Wood is from a tree that represents strength, protection, and serenity in your life. Cedar Wood contains spiritual qualities that allow it to help guide you when searching for your spiritual path. It also helps you to find your purpose in life. Whether you wear it as a reminder of strength and protection or to keep your spirits lifted, this bracelet will remind you to keep an open mind and enjoy the journey towards your inner self.

The beauty of Cedar Wood with Black Labradorite gemstones makes this bracelet the perfect gemstone addition to your collection whether you are looking for something new or simply want an extra boost of purposefulness in everyday life.

Bracelet Information:

  • Matte Black Labradorite Gemstone Beads 8mm
  • Cedar Wood Bead 8mm
  • 0.7mm Elastic String


By wearing this 5 Second Rule Gemstone Bracelet you can break bad habits, conquer stress, and gain the confidence to go after your dreams. Helps you overcome any negative beliefs, limiting thoughts, and/or bad habits formed by self-doubt.

By wearing a 5 Second Rule Bracelet you can break bad habits, conquer stress, and gain the confidence to go after your

Effortlessly mix and match our

Black Labradorite & Cedar Wood

5 Second Rule Gemstone Bracelet with other 5 Second Rule Gemstone Bracelets or wear alone. It has a simple stretch elastic, making it easy to roll on and roll off - without any fuss.

5 things you will find in your order.

1. Your order is wrapped in scented purple tissue paper.

2. Your 5 Second Rule Bracelet is in a stylish fabric reusable jewelry bag.

3. Descriptive card telling you how to use the 5 Second Rule Gemstone Bracelet. 

4. Cards telling you about the benefits of the Pink Zebra Jasper and Black Labradorite & Cedar Wood gemstones.

5. A handwritten note of gratitude from Pam Emmil, the designer.

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