Matte Black Labradorite with Matte Tiger’s Eye

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Discover our Grounding and Prosperity Gemstone Bracelet – with Matte Black Labradorite with Matte Tiger’s Eye an enchanting and empowering accessory thoughtfully designed to be your guiding light through life's challenges. This exquisite bracelet features a row of five captivating Matte Tiger’s Eye gemstones, encircled by the soothing energy of Matte Black Labradorite, making it a visually powerful tool for self-transformation.

Each bead serves as a touchstone for your thoughts and emotions. Whenever you find yourself entangled in negativity or vulnerability, gently touch one of the Matte Tiger’s Eye gemstone beads and count backward: 5-4-3-2-1. Harness this moment to transform those negative thoughts into positive affirmations, allowing them to take root deep within your heart and mind. This practice has been embraced by individuals of all ages, helping them unlock their inner strength and unleash their boundless potential.

Clarity Amidst Chaos: Matte Black Labradorite becomes your beacon of clarity in moments of stress and confusion, illuminating your path towards better decisions.

Banish Self-Doubt and Anxiety: If self-doubt and anxiety have held you back, this bracelet is your source of empowerment, opening the door to self-belief and personal transformation.

Embrace Stability and Creativity: Matte Tiger's Eye fosters grounding and stability while igniting your creative spirit. It enhances mental clarity, concentration, and decision-making skills, serving as your secret weapon for achieving your goals.

Find Emotional Stability: Bid farewell to stress and anxieties with the calming influence of Matte Tiger's Eye, cultivating emotional stability and a profound sense of well-being.

The Matte Black Labradorite with Matte Tiger’s Eye transcends its role as a bracelet; it becomes your steadfast companion on the journey to self-discovery and personal growth. Embrace the peace, balance, and creativity it brings, and step confidently into a brighter future. It's time to unlock your inner strength within and illuminate the world with your unique light.

Effortlessly mix and match our Matte Black Labradorite with Matte Tiger’s Eye

Gemstone Bracelet with other 5 Second Rule Gemstone Bracelets or wear them alone.

It has a simple stretch elastic, making it easy to roll on and roll off - without any fuss

Top 5 things you will find in your order.

  1. Your order is wrapped in scented purple tissue paper.
  2. Your 5 Second Rule Bracelet comes in a keepsake fabric jewelry bag.
  3. Descriptive card telling you how to use your bracelet as a mindfulness tool if you choose to do so.
  4. Description cards telling you about the benefits of your gemstones on your bracelet.
  5. A thank you note of gratitude from Pam Emmil, the designer.

Discover the transformative power of Matte Black Labradorite with Matte Tiger’s Eye.

Elevate your journey to self-discovery and to finding your inner strength within today.

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