First time being a vendor at the ND State Fair 2021

First time being a vendor at the ND State Fair 2021

by Pam Emmil 


What a fabulous and life changing 9 days. I enjoyed meeting thousands of people and hearing how the 5 Second Rule Bracelets are helping many past customers. It is an advantage being a “local gal” at this fair.  I have made connections with so many great people in Minot and from the Minot Air Force Base.

THANK YOU from the Bottom of my HEART for making this week one for the record books.

I met people from all over the country. I was so excited to member a couple from Old Orchid Beach, Maine and from Lowell, MA. They knew the area that I grew up in and it’s always nice to connect with my East Coast people.

Thank you to the many customers who showed their bracelets to their friends and then they had to buy them for their friends as they had many bracelet requests to bring back to them. Thank you for sharing my story and the beautiful bracelets. I am so humbled.

A BIG THANK YOU 🤩 to KRISTIE KLABUNDE. As a vendor I plan for everything. On Monday of the fair, I woke up at 7 am and starting 🤮 until 4 pm. I called her to work the entire 11-hour day and she said “YES” without hesitation. Thank you to her daughter Shaley for working alongside her mom.

So much gratitude and a BIG Thank You goes out to...

  • Kennedy Anderson for taking the week off from work to help me.
  • Melissa Sagaser and Karen Woodbury for making hundreds of bracelets.
  • Jennifer Pladsen for putting on hundreds of tags. (I hope your finger isn’t indented anymore from all the pinning.)
  • Thank you, Regan McNally, for being my errand girl in Minot. 😘
  • My husband Bruce for all the behind the scenes work of stamping the bracelet bags and filing them with the gemstone description cards.  Taking the time to drive to Minot and to help me set up.  I could not have done this without you.
  • Kaitlyn, my daughter who helped behind the scenes at home.

I am extremely grateful for being next to 2 outstanding vendors. Bill from Salt Soothers who helped me as a first-time vendor at such a big fair show. He gave me so many invaluable tips and tools. Marybeth from The Blue Horse Jewelry Boutique helped me as well. Being with these two seasoned vendors was such a blessing. (You can follow her on Facebook at: thebluehorsefan.)

The number one selling collection was the Cedar Wood Collection.  This was a huge hit. Women, Men and Kiddos are loving their Cedar Wood Bracelets.

THANK YOU again for all the love and support throughout the ND State Fair. See you all next year.